Chris Emmington grew up playing the tenor and bari sax, influenced by hip hop, jazz and pop music on the radio.  After high school he began playing the guitar and soon discovered the giant sound of blues-influenced rock bands of the 60's. The music of Jimi Hendrix, especially the album Electric Ladyland, forever changed his brain circuitry.

This was the start of a deep dive into many avenues of sound from Robert Johnson, RL Burnside, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, 13th Floor Elevators to Blue Cheer, Ultimate Spinach, Yes, Todd Rundgren, Blind Faith and countless others.  He found himself drawn to the type of music that takes the listener to a whole new place—a soundscape experience drenched in wah and reverb, synthesized noise, and phasing fuzz.

With a desire to break into a music scene and a love for snowboarding and mountains, Chris moved to North Lake Tahoe in 2004.  There he became part of the small but thriving mountain music community of Truckee-Tahoe.  He soon met and connected with keyboard wizard, Ryan Taylor.  The two played in several local bands and started a few of their own, Terraplane and Thick Newton, playing venues around the Tahoe area.

Over the years, Chris’ quest for an original sound has continued to grow. The dry, dismal winter of 2015 provided opportunities to focus less on chasing snow and more on writing and recording music. It was while climbing Mt. Shasta that he began conceptualizing Holy Wave (a picture from this trip can be seen as the background of this site). He began recording in March and completed his debut album in April.  While he plays most of the instruments on this album, Ryan Taylor stamped his trademark whirling synthesizer and heavy organ on a few tracks. This is the beginning of Easy Giant.

Easy Giant is a mountain. A wave. A sound. The sun.